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Exclusive Premiere: Matthew Herbert “Air”

The living legend has been in business for 25 years and has not lost a bit of freshness.

In his usual manner, he returns with playful vocals and undeniable chopped up groove, Matthew Herbert at his best.

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15 Years Drumpoet

It all started with a community of DJs and beatmakers. Inspired by the various electronic techno + house tingled music from Detroit and Chicago and a deep passion for UK bass music as well as US hip hop and 70’s soul-jazz. This crew of guys from Zurich and the surrounding area combined all of that and started creating a sound which they called b-boy house and teknowsoul. The first bunch of releases brought international breakthrough and artists like Soultourist, Quarion, Cavalier, The Lost Men, and John Daly left a deep impact and sparked the interest of the global dance scene. Back then Alex Dallas hosted the Loud Minority Nights at the infamous Dachkantine in Zurich, inviting special and like-minded international guests. Accompanied by the artists of the Drumpoet Community, this night became a blueprint and was continued in Alex’s new club Zukunft (founded in 2005) and to this day the Drumpoet’s host institutional nights there.

The club was always the spot where it all came together and where the new music was tested. it was clear from the very beginning that it had to embrace joy, passion, dedication, and positivity. Ron Shiller and Alex Dallas share the same philosophy when it comes to music. They do not jump on trends quickly. In contrary to the usual mechanisms of the hype dance music industry, they let the music breathe like a bottle of good old wine and take the time it needs to present timeless quality dance music.

This compilation manifests the long history of the label, the friendships made over decades, and the honest love for dance music. Drumpoet is more than proud to present a compilation celebrating the label’s 15th or even 16th anniversary, with special performances by iconic artists such as Herbert, Roman Flügel, Frank Wiedemann, Manuel Tur, Lauer, John Daly, Kalabrese, Manuel Fischer, Nicola Kazimir, Ripperton and Jimi Jules. A journey into the world of sounds, profound without dogma and as brave and innocent as it gets.

15 YEARS DRUMPOET-Compilation available from 23.09.22 Limited 3-LP-Vinyl incl. special DRUMPOET-Bandana!

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Drumpoet Community
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