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Exclusive Premiere: Melchior Sultana “Mirage”

Electronic House / Techno

Deep, warm and emotive electro from Maltese producer and multi-instrumentalist Melchior Sultana. “Mirage” is the second single taken from Melchior’s forthcoming album ‘Self Reflection’, for the Oath imprint.

Starting right out of the blocks, Melchior’s signature warm chords sit comfortably atop an intricate rhythmic display, and as time passes Sultana introduces some beautiful layers into the mix. A razor sharp acid line counteracts the delicate pads, as a rhythmically intriguing bass sequence pounds along underneath. The track then drifts into its first breakdown, as everything moves underwater to provide the key solo which shines through some space to breath, and like that we climb back up the hill to see the sun rise.

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Everything blends into the background ever so slightly, as further solo elements find their way into the mix to keep things very engaging indeed. An enormity is packed into this little 3 minute experience, and that is the exact reason you will be coming back to it, time and time again.

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