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Exclusive Premiere: Minus & MRDolly “Home Again”

Named in direct reference to arguably one of the greatest albums ever created, “Giant Steps” by John Coltrane, “Giant Stops” pays homage to the rich legacy of jazz while pushing the boundaries of the genre with a contemporary twist. The album seamlessly blends jazz, hip-hop, and electronic elements to create a unique sonic landscape that is both nostalgic and modern.

For Minus & MRDolly, “Giant Stops” represents a new chapter in his evolution as a musician, showcasing his growth and commitment to pushing boundaries in his genre-bending style.

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Taking inspiration from the creative process of Makaya McCraven, the album features dynamic instrumentals backed by a live band, with Minus & MRDolly’s signature lyricism and storytelling shining through both the instrumentals and the lended work of guest musician such as Meta_ or Luca Argel. By using this production method the album takes a bold stand for the importance of sampling as an art form hoping to encourage listeners to appreciate the rich history and evolution of hip hop and to recognize the essential role that sampling has played in shaping the genre.

As a nod to his Portuguese roots, “Giant Stops” represents a deeper exploration of the artist’s identity and a commitment to looking inward to find creative inspiration. With this album, Minus & MRDolly hopes to inspire others to embrace their own unique perspectives and use them to create art that connects with audiences on a deeply emotional level.

In a world where technology threatens to replace human creativity, “Giant Stops” is a reminder that the power of art to connect with people on a fundamental level is enduring and will continue to shape our world for generations to come.

Artist: Minus & MRDolly
Title: Giant Stops LP
Label: Jazzego
Cat: Jazzego
Format: Vinyl + Digital
Genre: Jazz / Contemporary / Electronic / Hip Hop
Release Date: June 2023
Buy / Pre Order: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/minus-mrdolly-giant-stops-vinyl/949511-01/

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