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Exclusive Premiere: Moriah Plaza “Mais Amor”

Brazil Worldwide Sounds

Moriah Plaza share “Mais Amor”, a dreamy nugget of Brazilian soul and jazz, reimagined from Berlin via the Dead Sea, via Batov Records.

Tamir Chen and Moosh Lahav, co-founders of Moriah Plaza, were introduced to the captivating sounds of Brazilian bossa nova and samba as children in Tel Aviv during the 1990s. They developed a fascination for elevator music, film soundtracks, and the hotel pianist playing daily at the Sheraton Moriah where Tamir’s mother worked, all overlooking the Dead Sea. Their shared love for Brazilian music inspired them to create their own songs after relocating to Berlin, a city that also had its own Brazilian moment.

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Although Moriah Plaza’s initial inspiration can be traced back to Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea, Tamir and Moosh conceived the band in Berlin’s Solarium Studio using fragments from their previous shoegaze band, Soda Fabric, which had backed outsider legend Daniel Johnston. The duo collaborated with two Brazilians and fellow Berlin residents, poet and singer Cecília Erisman and singer-songwriter, synth operator, and Tropical Disco Club founder Flavia Annechini to write and record their debut album. Despite being worlds apart from the warmth of Brazil, Moriah Plaza’s music channels its vibrant pulse through a unique lens.

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