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Exclusive Premiere: Trev “Beijo” (forthcoming EP on Dance Regular)

“Beijo” is one of our faves on this EP. We’re straight in with a kiss – MWAH! – a classic Baile rhythm gets a warm Bruk embrace. It’s passionate and dark and tells a story as old as history. Get lost in the movements between drums and percussion, in the flutes and cicadas, until the organ bass calls it – time to get moving.

This really is Trev’s signature dance floor style. A banger with a naughty- yet-subtle bassline, and its own game of perspective – feel this rhythm in more ways than one. Vocal chops and Tamborim place São Paulo’s influence front and centre.

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— About the Nightjar EP —

London’s own Trev appeared on our first release, Body Music Vol 1, as well as other key releases on CoOp Presents and Local Talk. We’ve been fans from the start and, after Trev joined the family, his music went from strength to strength. It was already out-of-this-world production, with serious attention to detail, and this EP is nothing short of excellent! He told us “there’s no hiding that this EP is, in essence, a long love letter to Brazil”, but that it’s also written to “Iran, London, Lisbon, Japan, probably more – too many to remember!”. Trev described his pro- cess as “listening, learning, combining my favourite elements of all this music that has brought me so much joy over the years”. Right on!

This EP is fresh, different and sonically on point. It’s Bruk, it’s Brazilian, it’s Bass, it’s… all-round-really-good dance music! Trev is a real modern musician, an awesome keys player as well as a producer. He understands the importance of musicality and originality, together with weighty beats and bass, working just as well on the dance floor as they do at a house party… or dinner party, for that matter!

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