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Exclusive Premiere: No Cosmos “The Post Human Shuffle”


“Accepting the terms and conditions, you allow your consciousness to be separated from your body. You now exist in a pure, digital state, online, forever. You and your friends celebrate having become immortal beings by dancing, but it is not the same now.”

NO COSMOS is the alias of Montreal-based composer, trumpeter, and producer Scott Bevins. His self-titled debut LP blends the sound of an improvising band with electronic production elements into a distinct form of what he describes as “dystopian Spiritual Jazz”.

‘The Post Human Shuffle’ is a contemplative ride that evokes the feeling of endlessly falling forward. Like the movements of a marionette, the track twists and turns coming close to the floor, but perpetually winds up back on its feet.

An ensemble of eight musicians was assembled to record Bevins’ compositions, which are wide-ranging but grounded in textural and visceral rhythmic grooves in the tradition of Sun Ra and Alice Coltrane. Bevins describes the music’s message as “of universal reverence, with inspiration coming from the elegant imagery of Sufi poetry as well as the calamity of apocalyptic biblical prophecy.”

Be on the lookout for No Cosmos’ debut LP, release date TBD

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