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Exclusive Premiere: Super Paolo “Funk City (B. Bravo Remix)”

Modern Funk

Super Paolo returns to his Disco Milk Records imprint with two Nu-Disco cuts titled “Funk City”.

Presented here, the original track has been flipped by a staple in the Modern Funk scene, B. Bravo, who ups the swing and gives it a bit more of a bounce! It remains four-on-the-floor to aid in a mix, making it a versatile pivot track from Disco or House towards Funk flavours or vice versa.

All the usual suspects are present: talkbox, slap bass, strings, saw-synth stabs, as well as an hook on flute (flute in a Funk track, into it!). All in all, this one’s a sure-shot in any Funkster’s bag.

About the imprint, Disco Milk was founded in 2006 by Paolo Guglielmino aka Super Paolo, one half of the duo Tutto Matto. It’s here where he’s dropped numerous releases, such as “Planet Paolo”, which embody the philosophy of creating tracks with live musicians in the studio rather than resorting to MIDI replacements. It keeps the groove proper and human, and really that’s what the Funk is all about!

“Funk City” drops on Disco Milk Records on October 12, 2018


Super Paolo
B. Bravo
Disco Milk

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