Exclusive Premieres

Exclusive Premiere: Oliver Coates “cello 2 m.expl”


TARAXIA…a natural world in its primordial stage, shaped by peculiar soundwaves fed to it through our humansphere portal.

GODDEZZ has enjoyed two years of emitting rave and dance music, where our main influence lies. While attempting to instigate rigorous body movements within people inside club spaces and beyond, we realised that music to wind-down-to is also partial to many people’s lives, especially in the current events of our earth. GODDEZZ decided to assemble a project of tranquility, with sonic advisors who we wholeheartedly trust to achieve a formula of escapism and naturally beautiful sounds. Welcome to TARAXIA, a 19 track odyssey of ambient, downtempo, ASMR, a teasing of contemporary classical and above all meditative music.

In TARAXIA, one’s mind will have the ability to lock in and exist in a tranquil state. A common reason to enter would be due to your sonic environment becoming noisy, cacophonous, your local electronic devices are demanding copious amounts of your energy, or the beings or buildings around you have began to impose on personal boundaries and you need space to think, or space to escape and feel more free. Another reason would be to simply feed your curiosity by listening to the shimmering beauty this environment beholds.

Sonic Practitioners
Goldefish, Oliver Coates, SHE Spells Doom, Suren Sereviratne, Eluize, Avsluta, Salamanda, Jordan Edge, Sarah Bates, Kalli, portara0000, Stacie Ann Churchman, Mu Tate, Kenji Kihara, Safejas, tenndril, and Dreamtree 

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MIMS Premieres

MIMS Premieres

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