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Exclusive Premiere: Planetself “Chosen feat. Blurum13 & Funkwig”


Producer Inkswel paints an ethereal backdrop with the SP-404 allowing the soulful and introspective vocals of Charli Umami to flow seamlessly overtop.

In the renaissance of Neo Soul and Leftfield Hip Hop, Planetself endeavours to do something different, something strikingly familiar yet authentic.

After the cult release of their independent 7″ vinyl “Following The Sun”, their new release, “High Tide”, follows on Tokyo Dawn Records. Raw messages of love, change, evolution, the environment, and mindfulness remain in focus, delivered in a positive and uplifting manner.

‘Chosen’ which features rappers Blurum13 and Funkwig calls to mind the work of Stacy Epps and a number of remixes by Madlib and is sure to please the ears of any fans of Boom-Bap and Instrumental Hip Hop.

“High Tide” releases September 27, 2018 on High Tide

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