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Exclusive Premiere: Slow Rotation Inc “Relax”

Slow & worldly by nature, X CLUB.’s alter ego SLOW ROTATION INC. sends the duo in a new direction, guided by the gravitational pull that turns the world upside down and back again. SRI’s self-titled debut, a lovechild of Kruder & Dorfmeister, Deep Forest and Chaos in the CBD, radiates earthly sounds and showcases the techno duo’s unique and diverse sensibilities. The slow rotation has begun.

Words from @slowrotationinc: “‘Relax’ is the track that’s started this project for us. During the peak of COVID we had no gigs to play and spent a lot of time stuck indoors where we were able to explore our love for the slower, more worldly inspired side of dance music.

‘Relax’ is a direct reflection of the music we were exploring at the time. It’s atmospheric textures and progressive compositional flow were largely inspired by dub and downtempo. The result is something we hope can be enjoyed both through headphones and on dance floors.”

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