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Exclusive Premiere: sneaky jesus “Piękno Niemożliwe” Ft. Mariya Mavko


The excellent sneaky jesus share an exclusive sneak peak into their highly anticipated second album, “For Chaching Taphed.” Hailing from Wrocław, this boundary-pushing Polish jazz ensemble is known for their innovative approach to the genre.

“Piękno Niemożliwe”, showcasing the enchanting flute talents of Mariya Mavko (one part of Kadabra Dyskety Kusaje), transports listeners to the evocative realms of Polish and Ukrainian folklore through its captivating opening motif. This fleeting, tranquil interlude stands in stark contrast to the typically frenetic sounds of Sneaky Jesus, serving as a heartfelt tribute to the rich heritage of Polish jazz music intricately intertwined with folklore. The band ingeniously adopted and transformed this concept into their distinctive musical style.

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Sneaky Jesus gained international recognition with their debut album, “For Joseph Riddle,” in 2021, and they’ve since been on a relentless touring spree, sharing stages with renowned artists such as Ill Considered and Theon Cross.

Their latest creation, “For Chaching Taphed,” was crafted in complete isolation within a rustic barn at the Museum of Agricultural Technology in Piotrowice Świdnickie. Surrounded by the hum of machinery, trucks, and carriages, the band found inspiration for their sophomore output, mirroring the abstract conversations they often engage in just for fun. In contrast to their groove-oriented debut, this album explores simplicity and allows for greater experimentation, resulting in a record filled with unexpected overdubs, tempo shifts, and mood changes.

Sneaky Jesus, formed in 2019 during a jam session at Zion, a former squat in Wrocław, brings together Matylda Gerber (sax), Maciej Forreiter (guitar), Filip Baczyński (drums), and Beniamin Łasiewicki (bass). In 2021, they signed with UK label Shapes of Rhythm and released “For Joseph Riddle,” a release that exceeded all expectations with vinyl and CD sales soaring.

Following a live session recorded for Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM, which featured compositions inspired by global events, Sneaky Jesus embarked on their busiest touring period, making appearances at renowned Polish clubs and festivals. They quickly rose to prominence, becoming one of the leading jazz bands from Wrocław and among the most recognizable names in the new wave of Polish jazz.

Now, with the imminent release of “For Chaching Taphed” in September 2023, Sneaky Jesus is poised to conquer new horizons with upcoming shows in Germany and appearances at various jazz festivals across Poland. Don’t miss out on this exclusive premiere of “Piękno Niemożliwe,” offering a tantalizing glimpse into the band’s next musical odyssey. Stay tuned for more from this audacious quartet as they continue to push the boundaries of jazz.

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