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Exclusive Premiere: Tenderlonious with JAUBI “Azadi”

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Following the brilliant but now sold out “Tender in Lahore” EP, 22a is releasing an expanded album of musical conversations between saxophonist, flautist, producer, band leader and label honcho, Ed ‘Tenderlonious’ Cawthorn and Lahore based instrumental quartet, JAUBI. A incredible beautiful meeting between Indian Classical and jazz that truly deserved a full album release, MIMS is proud to premiere “Azadi”, one of the brand new tracks.

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Tender had felt an affinity for this music since hearing North Indian Classical flautist Ronu Majumdar’s ‘Raga Mangal Bhairav’. Recording ragas with Jaubi was a dream come true for Ed, Recorded together in Lahore, Pakistan. Nothing whatsoever was written down during the recording sessions – no sheet music, no song titles.

‘Azadi’ is the Urdu word for freedom and is a pure raga composed in the beautiful and devotional pentatonic Raga Bairagi, also based in the 12 beat rhythmic cycle (Ektaal). Like everything during these sessions, this raga was shown to Tender moments before the one take recording and what ensued was an improvised conversation between the musicians. Featuring Jaubi members Zohaib Hassan Khan on sarangi – Zohaib is a 7th generation sarangi maestro and one of only 5 professional sarangi players left in Pakistan practicing this ancient art form. Plus Jaubi guitarist and band leader Ali Riaz
Baqar, providing the guitar accompaniment.

Tenderlonious’ forthcoming album, “Ragas from Lahore – Improvisations with JAUBI”, is released on November 27th on 22a, whilst “Azadi” will be found on all digital services platforms from this Friday October 9th.

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