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MIMS Guest Mix: SHHE (Scotland / Portgual, OLI Records)

Ambient Classical

SHHE is the alter-ego of Scottish-Portuguese artist and producer Su Shaw. Her latest self-titled debut album tracks a period of intense personal change. The resulting record is a sparse, haunting and atmospheric journey of introspection and exploration of identity that demonstrates SHHE’s ability to capture movement, change and the light and darkness that haunt the human condition.

@shhemusic “A selection of tracks that have been in my ears over the last few months. Some discovered some time ago, some found or rediscovered only recently, all have been good company during these strange(r) times. Some tracks chosen that alter and change pace, some that shift perceptions of time, others that are a reminder to slow it all down. Long live the long form. Thanks for listening.”


La Vita – Beverly Glenn-Copeland
SOTRS – Caterina Barbieri
You Go Through Me – Ela Orleans
Raw Silk Uncut Wood – Laurel Halo
Petals Have Fallen – Coby Sey
We’re Here – Ben Lukas Boysen and Sebastian Plano
Shadows of Futurity – Sophia Loizou
Half Light of Dawn – Abul Mogard
Witness – Lyra Pramuk
And Still They Move – Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld
Saint Barbe (rRoxymore remix) – Toh Imago
Love In The Time of Lexapro (KCRW Session) – Oneohtrix Point Never
Bloody Shadows From Afar – Lena Platonos
Nod – Julianna Barwick (ft. Nosaj Thing)
Matter of Balance – Theo Alexander

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