Exclusive Premieres

Exclusive Premiere: XL Regular “Uplifted”

After gracing labels like Omena Records, ANMA Records, Banoffee Pies Records and Tusk Wax, Rome’s SofaTalk lands on Monologues with fellow Italian and upcoming talent , XL Regular in tow. Together they cook up an EP of loungey deep house and intricate broken beat, all laced with the live instrumentation that has made SofaTalk’s catalogue so recognisable.

Sweet keys, muted trumpets, jazzy guitar licks and warm live bass abound. Label boss Ben Gomori delivers a hazy house rework of ‘While She Sleeps’ which is best accompanied by a balmy beach, and an uncharacteristic jungle work out of ‘Jaws’ because… lockdown makes / made people do unusual things.

Digging: Auntie Flo, Carista, TSHA, Bill Brewster, Simbad, Fred P, Alma Negra, DJ Aakmael, FSQ, Aroop Roy, Joshua James, Souldynamic, Horse Meat Disco, Tereza, Clandestino, Loz Goddard, Harri, Beraber, Sondrio…

MIMS Premieres

MIMS Premieres

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