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Future Classic: Exile & Free the Robots “Los Angeles 10/10”

Beats Hip-Hop

The conclusion of one of the best beat series in recent memory is here. Part 10 of 10 of Los Angeles beat maker series from All City Records features Exile & Free The Robots. After volumes with Teebs, Daedelus, Computer Jay, Dam Funk, it concludes the series in a very nice way.

Number 10 of 10 comes from Exile (Plug Research) backed with Free the Robots (Alpha Pup). Exiles side is one track broken into four parts, continuing on from his Radio LP, with a myriad of vocal samples and an ever-changing beat this is a fittingly individualistic piece of music to the end the series with. Flipping over for Santa Ana producer Free the Robots who follows on from his recent “Ctrl Alt Delete” LP with three tracks here – the heavy organ vibes of “Young and Yet Too Old”, the MF Doom-esque sound of “Destroy” and ending the series, appropriately enough, with a shout to percussion on “To the Drum”!

Preview clips

Exile - Distopian Utopia
Exile - PCP Laced Beedies
Exile - Love for sell
Exile - Dawn of the nothing




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