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Forgotten Treasure: Billy Frazier “Billy Who” (1980)

Soul & Funk

My long time homie visiting Montreal for the summer threw a BBQ in July that was equipped with a modest DJ setup and it was an evening packed full of good times. My personal highlights of the night were a combination of eating delicious Hungarian sausages, meeting a hilarious aspiring librarian who shares my love of Italian culture, and hearing this radiant track by Billy Frazier.

Billy Frazier’s Billy Who? has a Donna Summer feel, enchanting and almost hypnotizing high pitched female vocals, and caught my ear instantly. One of my favorite experiences in this life is hearing new Disco Boogie songs; it’s a comforting reminder that there will always be music to discover no matter how much I already know.

In terms of biographical information to discuss, I think the song title says it all. Billy who is right on ‘cos I have absolutely no idea what he’s about. Mr. Frazier could not be more obscure. All I’ve gathered is that he has a very cheesy collection of song titles that may or may not be promising. For example: Take the Chain Off Your Brain – The Mind Blower (Finally Got His Mind Blown) – Did You Ever See a Lassie – Shakin’ In Every State – and Baby You Satisfy Me. I had a trouble listening to most of these online, so I’m hoping maybe one day I’ll have the opportunity to come across some of his records. Regardless, this jam is too smooth and I am so pleased to share it with all of you.

Session Victim, a German House duo I fondly love for their hyper stage presence and Disco House vibe, do a mighty fine job of sampling Billy Who? with their song Contribute and it pairs rather nicely back to back.


Devon Eve

Devon Eve

Montrealer, born and raised, Devon Eve is a disco boogie junkie with much love for the golden era of dance music.