Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Hudson People “Trip To Your Mind” (1979)

Soul Soul & Funk

When I travel by myself for some DJ gigs, a quality playlist on the ipod is absolutely crucial. It seems that when you are absorbing a completely new landscape it gives songs you’ve heard a new meaning.

So this one is dedicated to the beautiful car ride from Croatia to Ljubljana, Slovenia.

“Trip to Your Mind” by Hudson People is a wonderful soaring dance floor track that blends jazz, funk and disco effortlessly. The song released in 1979 never quite became a chart hit – the group never even released a full album – but DJ’s and Dancers from the scene know all about this one!

Reminiscent of the work from fellow Brit Jazz-Funk groups, Atmosfear and Light of The World, the song is as beautiful as ever, even after almost 40 years!

Also well worth checking out is this quality version of “Trip To Your Mind” by Italian edit master LTJ Xperience.



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