Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: Numonics “You Lied” (1982)


I’ve always had a soft spot for Soul songs with a very senstive subject matter yet an undeniable funky melody and instrumentation. Despite the song being about heartbreak, being deceived and cheated on you’ll find yourself two stepping to this beautiful midtempo soulful tune.

Not much is known about Oakland’s (California) The Numonics or their Hodisk label other than their outstanding debut (and only) record called “Rollin” with came out in 1982. And seriously, how amazing is that cover art!

It’s always fascinating to discover amazing records from groups or acts that completely vanished after one brilliant contribution to the music world. Something I also talked about when showcasing the brilliant “I Love Music” by JT (link).

Apparently, the reason behind The Numonics’ short lived career is quite simple; Mickey Moore their lead signer was arrested and went to jail on a 20 year sentence and is now a free man deeply involved with the Church in his hometown of Oakland.

After 30+ years, this outstanding soul song lives on strong. Open the windows and step to this one!

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