Forgotten Treasure: Paul Woolford Remix of “Caspian Man”

House / Techno

When digging through mountains of endless vinyl, a record needs to strike you, smack you in the face, and knock the breath out of you for it to stand out. Otherwise, what is the point? The beauty of music is that each piece does this in its own way, but the bottom line is that it has to surprise you and not let go of your guts until the needle hits empty space.

Paul Woolford’s remix of Darius Syrossian & Mundyke’s “Caspian Man” (deep breath), grabbed me by the jewels right from the edge, and kept me hanging the whole way through. Also important is the ground a tune travels, and this one has a passport full of stamps.

Right from the beginning it screams PAY ATTENTION with a delightfully raucous reverse bar of beat, before falling seamlessly into a clap laden collision of beautifully sampled piano and bouncing bass that lays the frame work. The piano soon turns frenzied, escalated by a rising rush of blood to the head, the kind trapped in a conch shell, giving way to a breath taking drop of kick, one of those out of the blue, stomach stabbing moments.

I could go on forever, as this track seems to never stop transforming and mutating between deep, tech, piano, synth and experimental “you know what I’m talking about”. Didn’t want to throw down a genre, because this tune deserves to be unclassifiable.

Caspian Man - Paul Woolford Remix
River Lance

River Lance

River is a Montreal-born, Vancouver-raised, lover of music. The youngest member of the MTL based DJ & Producer collective Knife & Fork, he brings a fresh, playful, mixing style to the tables, Strictly a selector at the moment, River's flavour resists the pinning of any genre, and rather takes form in it's ability to make people dance, wile-out, skank, and forget everything but the floor. Keep an eye out for this young-blood DJ behind decks near you, and on the pirate radio station Nasty FM every Saturday at 7 pm ET.