Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure: WAR “Flying Machine” (1973)


This is one of the ultimate forgotten jams from California’s premier funk/jazz/latin fusion band WAR; one of the biggest selling groups of the 70’s. 50 million records son!

The track is from a 70’s Blaxsploitation era movie soundtrack called “Youngblood”. In all honesty, I’ve never seen it but if it’s anything like “Trouble Man” or “Superfly”, you know the highlight here is the tunes, not the movie. The whole record is very solid but for me THE track has always been “Flying Machine”, a certified club classic way back when. This just goes so well with any dancefloor jazz, latin, afro, even Broken Beat!

Truly one of War’s greatest ever moments!

WAR - Flying Machine (1973)


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