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FullRange “New Generation of Jazz 2010” special mix for MIMS


Really happy to share this mix which was recorded exclusively for by fellow music head Francis Ranger aka FullRange.

Last week, we started talking about how we liked the 2010 edition of the Montreal Jazz Fest. We both agreed they need to do a better job of booking more underground, cutting-edge jazz… so out of nowhere, FR sends me this super dope jazz set! Lovin’ it!

FullRange - New Generation of Jazz 2010
1. Elvis Presley Blues – Elan Mehler Quartet
2. Isadora – Christian Scott
3. World Peace Now – Build An Ark
4. Highway Rider – Brad Mehldau
5. Third Tream original mix – Robert Mitchell 3io
6. Downtime – Robert Glasper
7. Bonus Track – José James
8. The Eraser – Christian Scott
9. Maiden Voyage / Everything In Its Right Place – Robert Glasper
10. Lost – J.A.M
11. Buzz Beater Stomp – Timo Lassy
12. Mode of Blue – Quasimode
13. Hype of Gold – Soil & Pimp Sessions
14. Bluestone – J.A.M
15. Planeteria Original Mix – Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson
16. Me And You – Matthew Halsall
17. Not yet – Philipp Nykrin
18. Black Beauty – Ahmad Jamal
19. Alayo – Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
20. Loves Serenity – Bajka
21. You Gotta Have Freedom – Boogaloo



fullrange is another like-minded music head who is a really great digger and tastemaker. The guy especially knows his jazz shit!