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Future Classic: Brian Ellis “Reflection” (Voltaire Records)

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Back at it for another edition of my weekly Voyage Funktastique radio show, plus a special all-vinyl set by ASMA (in the second half of the show), I wanted to play the title track of the new Brian Ellis‘ EP, Reflection, just released a few weeks ago on Voltaire Records.

It’s a hard-hitting, all-in-your-face love song at it’s purest form, with Brian on lead vocals, and on duty on all the instruments (Oberheim DX, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Yamaha CP-25, and Electric Guitar). The man is a beast, and his work ethic is quite astonishing. The whole EP is top shelf material, including the first cut “Love Is” that I featured in a earlier article. “Love is just a game/ Everybody plays it / Sometimes it gets you down / But nothing can replace it”.

Voltaire Records are on a strong come up, and they’ve been working hard to push forward the modern funk movement. Their releases are getting excellent reviews all over the globe, and there’s a lot of new stuff coming out in the near future; you can also catch a guest mix by Hotthobo (Randy Ellis, co-owner/co-founder of Voltaire Records) on the Voyage Funktastique that will air on September 3rd, with lots of unreleased material. Check out their catalog and Soundcloud for more goodies.

Track taken from Walla P’s latest edition of the weekly Voyage Funktastique Radio Show.

Walla P

Walla P

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