Future Classics

Future Classic: Cadik “Just”


Clearly the internet is a good thing for music lovers because it makes it so easy to find good music from around the world. Of course, there are labels like Project: Mooncircle that are great for digging out new gems with their compilations making us discover nice beats from all over. But you can’t rule out the power of the Soundcloud platform. Or, as I call it, “the musical social network”.

That’s the way I first came in contact with hungarian beatsmith Cadik and his second album on Chi recordings, Just. The official description of the album talks about how the album is an homage to classic drum machines like the Roland TR-909 but there is more then just old school sounds in there. This album conjures some mad hiphop beats with a minimal techno aesthetic not unlike Dabrye‘s synth heavy album Two/Three.

Being minimal, some of thoses beats are just begging for MC’s to jump on. But Cadik found a better way to “vocalize” them. On some tracks like Last Vinylist and Sleepover, he recorded and chopped MCs adlibs to put the vocal personality in there. The vocal performance fits perfectly the vibe of the tracks. Most of them are more relaxed like the beats are, more suited to headphones then the club. Here is a good exemple of the more upbeat sound;



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