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Future Classic: Daymé Arocena “New Era” (Brownswood Recordings)

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The power and beauty of music is greatly held in the ability of the listener to understand and feel the emotion being shared by the artist. When that shared emotion is absent or masked by filters or other tools, more often than not the song falls short of having a meaning that lasts longer than its length in minutes. When that connection is met, the song continues with the listener even after its end. The emotion or experience the listener feels is what brings them back to the song, or album, or artist.

Daymé Arocena’s voice is an experience I have been going back to over and over the last couple of months. The Cuban singer has delivered in her debut album “New Era” a Future Classic. There is depth, soul, and complexities throughout the album that are truly inspiring.

Her warm voice commands while still being welcoming and open. The balance and control of which she beautifully manipulates with in a great play between it and the music. It is easy to get lost in her voice, as if she carries in it the warm breezes of the Caribbean. It is meditating and a tantalizing reminder of the beauty found in the simplicities of life.

There is texture on the album too. From hints of jazz to soul to rumba. There is also a spiritual undertone that visits throughout the album which begins with the first track “Madres”, which is sung in Yoruba. The song is a prayer song Daymé sings to her two mothers in the Santeria faith, Yemaya and Ochun.

Highlights to me are “Sin Empezar”, “El Ruso” “Crystal” and “Come to Me”.

I look forward to re-experiencing this album over the coming years.

Live Version of “Madres”

Christian Martir

Christian Martir

Born in Santurce, Puerto Rico and now residing in New York City, Christian Mártir likens himself to a renaissance man. Over the last 7 years, as founder of the Rice & Beans Sound System, he has played and spread his love for Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms and culture.