Future Classics

Future Classic: DZA – Five-Finger Remixes


We live in interesting times that push creative people to prove that selling music isn’t dead and trying to find new interesting ways to do so. A prime exemple of this comes from one of my favorite label; Error Broadcast.

1 year ago, they released the beattape/album Five-Finger Discount by russian neck breaker DZA. (It’s still in 192kbps free download! Go get it!). Now, they release the remix album (or we should say “the remix cassette”) with new remixes of FFD tracks by an all around the world cast (Pixelord, Miqi O., Montgomery Clunk, AEED,…). Which make this release a real beat tape! It’s a bit more heterogeneous and on the electronic side than the original album like most remix album but it’s still quite banging in the beat kind of sense.

There is 3 ways to get the album. First, you can get the 6 first tracks free. Then the full release. You can purchase the cassette (only 100 in the world) or the digital version (each cassette comes with a digital download). That being said, if you need more convincing, you can listen to all the track in streaming;



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