Future Classics

Future Classic: EMAN & VLooper “E.M.M.A.N.U.E.L”

Beats Hip-Hop

We are not the kind of website that posts about a record 5 minutes after getting the info about a new release. We like to let the music sink in and actually, you know, listen to it a few times?

But in this case, we started working on it as soon as we got the great news from our homies EMan and VLooper (also Alaclair Ensemble members). This is a 4 track EP with one of them being more a instrumental skit. But still, 3 brand new tracks from these two is something to get excited about. For those who might not know about VLooper, he is the producer behind this EP and has been making a ton of noise amongst abstract beat lovers. He also released an EP on Cali’s great Soulection label. EMan is a veteran of the Quebec rap scene and really has been on an absolute tear ever since the first Alaclair Ensemble projects came out 2-3 years back.

Not that many “abstract” producers are good at leaving enough space for a vocalist to do their thing but VLooper he can with collaborations with Modlee and the tracks for the Alaclair boys. On the other hand, there are only a handful of MC’s that can do their thing on such intricate and complex beats and our boy EMan is definitely up there!

Peep the little Stevie Wonder “All I Do” sample in the fourth track. Beautiful!



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