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Future Classic: Evy Jane “Sayso”

Beats Soul

Vancouver-based duo Evy Jane has revitalized my beat-starved soul with a single from their self-titled debut EP, “Sayso.”

Vocalist Evelyn Mason and producer Jeremiah Klein have created a sound that is truly riveting, falling somewhere between the ethereality of Esthero and the edgy eclecticism of Flying Lotus.

Their music would grace any subwoofer, with beats so velvety they almost float. A hard-hitting bass complements an elegant R&B palette in this one. The video for this track, directed by Jason Myers, is the perfect audio-visual marriage: a glowing abstraction of contrasting warm and cold, interior and exterior. The cinematography is so good the images take on a textural quality, as ultra soft & feminine as Evelyn’s voice. Oh, and by the way “Sayso” was featured on our own MIMS Show #55 a few weeks back.

68 beats per minute never sounded so good.

Christine Schatz

Christine Schatz

Christine Schatz grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from UC San Diego, where she ran a radio show called "Sweet Beat Therapy." As a former club DJ, she now channels her music obsession through her blog, The Loop. Likes include cooking, photography, film, and cities with minimal traffic.