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Future Classic: Flamingosis “Kahunastyle” (Keats Collective Records)


Versatility is a must in nowadays musical landscape, and producer extraordinaire, Flamingosis, has definitely live up to that statement. The New Jersey native has mastered the art of sampling to a level where he is praised both by Future Funk & Hip Hop heads. His latest project, Kahunastyle, via Keats Collective, is a true example of how Flamingosis flips samples with his own signature; switching from boom-bap, to disco, boogie, soul, funk and chill wave.

The opening track, “Stay Humble” uses a classic sample from Silver Convention, with banging drums, heavy hi-hats and nasty claps. You can also find an ode to Montreal, with his “Midnight In Montreal” joint, with a beautiful soulful horn sample; simplicity at his best, which is often a recurring theme in the producer production’s techniques. He lets the sample talk to the listener in such a way that it’s easy to immerse yourself into it’s atmosphere. Further on, I can’t overlook the beautiful edit of S.O.S Band “Groovin“, seasoned to perfection, with a much more sped up tempo I would have never imagined myself listening to. Flamingosis knows how to surround himself with great talents, such as Harris Cole & Ian Ewing (for “Helping Hand“), A Sol Mechanic (for “Future Lounge“) & Go Yama (for the mysterious “Cup Of Ramen“).

Overall, expect to hear some of your favourite samples being flipped like if they were into a gigantic dryer, and the result is a Hot project once again by the man who flipped also “Estrelar” by Marcos Valle, on a previous project.

Keats Collective is by far one of the most influential label when it comes to Future Funk/Chillwave, with steady quality releases by a bunch of dope artists, such as Flamingosis, Kev/Bot, Basement Love, Macross 82/99, and much more are featured on their compilations. All their catalogue is available on a “Free Download” concept, but don’t be shy to support them, and also, their visuals/cover arts is done by Walkie Talkie (Andrew Walker), so make sure to check out their future & past releases.

Walla P

Walla P

Founder, Dj & Host of Voyage Funktastique, a radio show, monthly night and platform dedicated to promote Future/Modern/Électro/Boogie Funk.