Future Classics

Future Classic: Ge-Ology feat Mark De Clive-Lowe “Moon Circuitry”

I have been hearing rumours of this upcoming EP by Ge-Ology, the veteran producer from Brooklyn who hasn’t released a lot of music these past few years. I played with Detroit’s Jay Daniel a couple months ago and one track really stood out from his outstanding set. After running to the DJ booth and asking him, he whispered in my ear: “it’s the new Ge-Ology on Sound Signature Records”

We can finally confirm the great news of this fantastic upcoming EP with the added bonus of the participation by New Zealand keyboard jedi, Mark De Clive-Lowe. But also, i just heard from Ge-ology himself that his full lenght album is in the works for Sound Signature and will likely be coming out early in 2016 and will include other guest musicians such as the mighty Kaidi Tatham.

So while we wait for the full LP, the killer two track EP is here and ventures into abstract and cosmic techno, jazz, boogie sounds that fall well beyond the conventional dance floor electronic music these days. However, with EP’s like this one I feel like we are getting back to the spirit of the early 2000’s when the Broken Beat/Nu Jazz scene from London (and beyond) was mingling with Detroit Techno. Don’t Sleep on this one!




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