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Future Classic: Iman Omari ” Vibe Tape +​+​+​(​3)”


Iman Omari is one of those people who is able to really embrace different genres of music and make it sound raw and authentic. I remember listening to “ESC Vol 2” for the first time and being blown away by the effortless experimentation with jazz, hip-hop, soul and even R&B. Omari’s new release “Vibe Tape +++ (3)” is no different.

Blending R&B, soul and hip-hop samples within his jazz and futuristic beats, Omari is able to transcend different genres, go beyond the norm and really create modern, yet nostalgic atmospheres within his music. From the Erykah Badu (?) and Biggie samples on track 4 “Buildin'” to the Ol’ Dirty Bastard flip “Ol’ Dirty-Isley’s [Flip]”, there are so many layers to his music which are present within “Vibe Tape +++ (3).”

Iman Omari is the future.


Martin Boev

Martin Boev

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