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Future Classic: J Rocc “Some Cold Rock Stuff” – New Album


Wowza. Gotta admit I’ve been really looking forward to this one. J Rocc(of Beat Junkies fame) is one of my favorite DJ’s is releasing his second full lenght record for Stones Throw Records. His first 12′ with the “Party” and “Star” tracks which came out in November was hands down one of the EPs of 2010 for me. Amazing boogie dancefloor business. Every single time i’ve played it, i’ve had people rush the DJ booth to ask what was playing…

On the first few listens i’m surprised at how cinematic and moody the tracks. Definitely not your average DJ making an album from brakes and deep crate digging. For some reason it reminds me of Clutchy Hopkins productions, but with more of breaker attitude.

“Everything about this album will make you lose your mind. Not a mix tape. Not a DJ album. Not a beats album. It’s the album” The CD & LP each contain a Mystery Disc produced by J Rocc. There are three mystery discs in rotation, only one per album. No track list will be published.

J Rocc - Party
J Rocc - Too Many Clowns

VINYL: 3/LP (album and mystery disc), double sided poster, sticker sheet
CD: 2/CD (album and mystery disc), 12-panel digipack
DIGITAL: the 12-track album

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