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Future Classic: Jr. Williams “Cash Maniac”

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This week’s Voyage Funktastique Show was blessed with a guest set by Professor Groove, of WeFunk Radio, and it was 55 minutes of pure contagious Funk vibes; I always dig his sets and enjoy seeing him explore & dive into his favourite spectrums of Funk.

On my side, if there’s a label that I’m always wishing they’d put out more music, it’s Cosmic Chronic records. “Cash Maniac” is another stellar song by this Miami label, and it’s featuring Jr.Williams (compostition, arrangements & production) along with Mickey De Grand IV, the head honcho of CCR. It’s a sexy-soothing short story, where the protagonist admits his fascination towards $$$, his pockets might be on low, but he still got moves on the Ladies. It’s been on repeat mode for more than a week, and it’s the perfect anthem for the slow jams part at our monthly night.

Mickey De Grand IV’ latest solo project, Eye Witness, was distributed on PPU and you can still find a few copies left on earcave. He was featured on Red Bull Music Academy earlier this year. Other Cosmic Records acts such as Psychic Mirrors, Night School & Antoine-Rocky Horror also have serious releases, so every time you see the logo of this label, don’t hesitate, get 3 copies before it’s too late. Check them out.


Track taken from the latest edition of Walla P’s weekly Voyage Funktastique Radio Show

Walla P

Walla P

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