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Future Classic: Jump Source “Guide to Action EP” (ASL)

House / Techno

Jump Source is a collaborative effort between two pals, Francis Latreille & Patrick Holland (Project Pablo).

Over an MPC 2000XL, Moog Source, modular kit, and some Junos, the two tweaked breaks and blended pads until things sat just right. “Guide to Action” fits 4 tracks, some of which include solos, vocals, and amusing fadeouts.

The EP is quite fantastic and reminiscent with shades of Larry Heard, Abacus, Kevin Yost. I had a few words with the newly formed duo about the EP.

How did the creative process / workflow function of EP? Were there hours of arguing over which hi-hats and claps & snaps to use?

Jump Source: Things flowed real easy and quick, not much time was put in fussing about the sounds. Francis picked out the breaks, and the added percussion came direct from some MPC banks. The rest was all fleshed out over a couple sessions with different synths and rack effects. Most of the structures came from doing live takes, and then expanded when mixing. Smooth all around!

The sessions were really informal but somehow it naturally lead to those 4 pieces. We both tend to reference a lot of the same stuff and get carried away in the same direction. Then we have a laugh and start editing

You are both guys who love ambient music. How does ambient co-exist with electronic and house music? Seems to be a bit of a revival these days!

Jump Source: It’s always nice having an energy balance on a 12″, or in a set. I guess it is becoming a little more trendy on web based labels these days, but I feel they’ve always coexisted! Labels like Peacefrog, Likemind, and early Guidance definitely set the blueprint.

Will you be taking this collaboration to a “live performance” setting eventually?

Jump Source: No plans as of yet, but would truly love to. I’m sure the feeling is mutual 🙂 Part of the process was just joking around in the studio so there’s a fair amount of humour infused in those songs, little quirks that we decided to leave in when one of us was getting carried away.

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