Future Classics

Future Classic: Kenlo Craqnuques “Forêt Boréale Mixte”


Our man Kenlo Craqnuques keeps up the crazy pace we’re now used to from him. In fact, probably the only guy dishing out the niceness at this frequency is someone I like to compare Kenlo to a lot, the Beatkonducta known as Madlib.

We’re happy to see “Forêt Boréale Mixte” finally come out because we’ve been treated with a few of these for our MIMS Radio Show and other tracks we heard Kenlo playing live. I’ll always remember the first time I heard him playing “qwerty_mouziki (theme)” live, it thought it was one of the most weird and beautiful sequence of bleeps and blips that I’ve ever heard. Very happy he put it on the record. I might start the rest of my DJ sets in 2012 with that…

So this is the first solo project from Kenlo since last years’ “Turquoise“. Free Download, as always.

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Montreal-based DJ and the founder MusicIsMySanctuary.com (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).