Future Classic: Markings “Odd Man Out”


When friends send me their music I always take my time to give it that first listen. I want to give it a really honest and objective listen because I don’t want to post anything on this site just because I’m friends with so and so. Thinking of my readers is priority #1 and I don’t wanna pass on anything that isn’t truly worth your time.

Well, let me tell you: this is worth your time.

Markings is a Montreal guy who I’ve met recently through the Mook Life crew. He’s also been participating on MIMS and contributed a few really awesome posts so far (read here). Now let’s get to the record, or EP (it’s 8 tracks long). The one way I can sum things is up is: R-A-W. A really authentic and honest record that isn’t trying to sound like this or that. Not to compare the emceeing but rather the overall tone of the record, I can’t help but think of a mix of “Original Pirate Material” by The Streets meets Mobb Deep’s “The Infamous”.

Markings also hooked up the lyrics for every track, something that’s not done too often these days. Mostly because people would realize how weak 90% of the emcees are in their content. Also, like so many of the good records coming out these days, it’s an independent and a free release.

Big up on using The Incubator‘s “Re:Us” beat on “Lovehatefingarings”. Big track.



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