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Future Classic: Nautiluss x Lord Skywave “Ultraviolet” (Hemlock Recordings)

House / Techno UK Garage / Grime / 2step / Dubstep

Being an avid listener, appreciator, and, just recently, record spinner of UK bass music, I am always excited when a Canadian finds their way into that burgeoning scene. Graham Bertie aka Grahmzilla (Thunderheist, Bassanovva) has done just that with his new project Nautiluss, whose first release will be on none other than Untold’s fantastic label Hemlock Recordings. Following in the path of fellow Montrealers Bowly and Jacques Greene, Nautiluss’ first release on a UK label is bold and might I say, ear-catching in its own unique way.

The debut EP, will be slinging two cuts, one of which being a collaboration with Lord Skywave, the british composer and vocalist. “Ultraviolet” is a new direction for Hemlock, and that’s what makes this release so fresh. Softly layered vocals haunt you throughout the tune, adding a crisp pop flavor to the melancholic waves of synth that claim the atmosphere of the song. “Bleu Monday” is the perfect back-up. Classically bass laden, a beautiful chime in the night.

The 12” and digital will be released September 26th. Look out and below!

River Lance

River Lance

River is a Montreal-born, Vancouver-raised, lover of music. The youngest member of the MTL based DJ & Producer collective Knife & Fork, he brings a fresh, playful, mixing style to the tables, Strictly a selector at the moment, River's flavour resists the pinning of any genre, and rather takes form in it's ability to make people dance, wile-out, skank, and forget everything but the floor. Keep an eye out for this young-blood DJ behind decks near you, and on the pirate radio station Nasty FM every Saturday at 7 pm ET.