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Future Classic: SELA “Men Have Secrets, But No Mystery”


It’s been awhile since I found some music that had that dreamy vibe that I’m pretty much always looking for. The title is just so relevant to me: Men Have Secrets, But No Mystery. The beats of SELA put me in a dream and the textures are full with pure and innocent energy. This little piece of magic makes me wanna swim into a pool of full of fluffy little clouds.I’ll repeat myself about bedroom beatmakers but, most of them impress me even more because they all make beats for themself first and foremost. So each EP and project isn’t made to please certain crowds or heads and every beats seems to be unique.

At the time I found this EP, I was looking for a friend who could come and hold me. I was in pain and SELA was there. It was my lullaby for those sleepless nights. These beats felt like a poetry and a post-dreamy beats for me. How I wish to make beats like those … She has the same kind of dreamy sound then Evenings but, with more sensibility and purity.

[box_dark]Erratum: We would just like to appologize on the previous version of this article. We know now that SELA is very much a man and that he has never watched Dragonball Z… But maybe he should! :)[/box_dark]

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