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Future Classic: The Weeknd “House of Balloons”


I’ve been hearing some good things about this up and coming singer-songwriter from Toronto called THE WEEKND. But until you listen to it you can never be quite sure what the hype is all about and if it’s about more than the guy wearing the right t-shirt and cap.

Veryyy impressed by the EP called “House of Balloons”. I don’t like defining a new artist by comparing him to others but I can’t help but think that this is like the North American answer to new artists like James Blake and Jamie Woon from the UK. You know, that whole spacey yet very lo-fi approach to soul music. The one thing that i’m not too sure about yet is that there is a looot of effects on his voice. The amount of reverb makes me wonder how much of a voice he really has. Favorite track so far is “What you need”.

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