Interview: CARLOS NIÑO (Los Angeles) – Discussion hosted by LEXIS

Ambient Jazz

An absolute pleasure to welcome Carlos Niño to my weekly series of conversations. I’ve been a huge fan of his various music endeavours these past 10-15+ years as a Producer, DJ, Musician and all around musical visionary. When I am in needed of uplifting, spiritual, healing music his music always comes to mind.

* Please Note: at the end of the discussion there is an exclusive, unheard track from the Carlos Niño & Friends project!

Carlos Gabriel Niño (born 16 February 1977) is an internationally celebrated producer, arranger, composer, musician, radio host, DJ, music consultant, writer, poet, and event organizer, based in his hometown of Woodland Hills, California.

He has been an important force in the contemporary independent music scene since 1995. A prolific artist, Niño has been involved in the production of more than 100 records and has toured with various bands and as a DJ throughout Europe, Japan and the United States.

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Montreal-based DJ and the founder (2007) and 24 Hours of Vinyl (2011).