Future Classics

Future Classic: Jazz Collective “Jazz Collective LP”


I really wanted to keep this one all to myself and put it out on my next MIMS radio show but good things are made to be shared! Big up to the homie Lefto for putting me on to this one.

Japan has had an amazing cutting edge jazz scene for quite some time now: Kyoto Jazz Massive, Cro-Magnon, Jazztronik, Soil & Pimp Sessions and many more who I don’t know about yet i’m sure. But now I know about Jazz Collective quintet that for damn sure!! I sent them a message because their record was only available on Japanese Itunes. Kind of a problem. So, they just sent me the good news that the record has been uploaded to the very popular Bandcamp platform. Yes, it’s on the expensive side but so is everything in Japan. So you gotta support! A sandwich costs 40$ out there! Hhehehe…

Seriously, this is an absolutely great record. I suggest you start with the “Jazz Collective” track. Pure dancefloor bliss that will have you doing jazz steps all over your house.

Takao HIROSE – Trombone , Bandleader / Shin ARAKI – Sax, Flute / Koji KAMIMURA – Keyboard / Keisuke TANAKA – Bass/ Takashi MOCHIZUKI – Drums less



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