Dj Mixes

Jorun Bombay’s “Rock The Discotek”

Disco Hip-Hop Soul Soul & Funk

Going back to my East Coast roots with this one. Jorun Bombay, in my mind, has been one of Canada’s best kept secrets. Well, he used to be anyways. When the likes of Jazzy Jeff is pushing your music on his mixtapes, you know you have arrived. When you look at the era he came up in, it’s safe to say that Jorun paved the way for many Halifax artists such as Buck 65, Sixtoo, Classified, Skratch Bastid, Ghettosocks, Wordburglar and More Or Les.

I guess I kinda slept on this mixtape when it dropped back in May of this year. Either way, it’s a nice throwback of the early years of the New York hip-hop scene. After my first listen, I felt like I was kicking it at a block party in the Bronx. This mix is all killer and no filler. Definitely a throwback to one of the most amazing times in American music culture.

Over and above the music and skills involved in the mix, the sound bites and narratives that are littered throughout are the icing on the cake for me. They showcase this piece of work as more than a DJ mix, but a time capsule dedicated to an important era in American music culture.

I think it’s safe to say this mix won’t be leaving my I-Phone anytime soon. It’ll be sandwiched with the likes of Paul Nice’s “Soul on The Grill” Series and DJ Pump’s “Golden Era” mix. Please support the artist. Enjoy!



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