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Future Classic: Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe “Kidsuke”


The first results of the “KIDSUKE” collaboration between UK beatsmith Kidkanevil and Japanese producer Daisuke Tanabe brings the usual quirky feeling but is very cohesive and a bit less all over the place than their usual solo productions.

The quirky mix of instrumental hip-hop and glitchy electronics that other Project:mooncircle artists are fond of is augmented by the sampling of some toy pianos and musical boxes. Making melody out of those sounds makes some really blissful and soothing downtempo music.

A friend was telling me he thought the album sounded like different 16 versions of the “Nannou” track by Aphex Twin. Definitely in the same vibe, but you need to add some really adventurous production on the part of both beatmakers, surprising the listeners with kids voices and big synth sounds here and there. Tracks like MoOoOoOn or the beautiful Harmonic Pt1&2 shine because of their melody and don’t have much to do with those musical box sounds apart from the vibe expressed.

To give an you an idea of that here is one of my favorite tracks.

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