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Future Classic: Lil’ Wayne “Interlude” ft. Andre 3000 & Tech N9ne

The main reason i’m sharing this is that it’s really not common for MIMS to touch on the southern rap thang. Not that I hate it but let’s just say I kind of miss the good ol’ days of having the east, south and west all do their thing. Nowadays, most stuff is either southern influenced or borderline scary euro dance rap.

Anyyyywho. This isn’t about that. It’s about always keeping an open mind. It’s about not being a purist. I believe in always giving records a chance even when I think it’s not going to be my thing. There is usually always one or two tracks from Weezy that I like and on his new album I think my pick is this little 2 minute piece of dynamite from Tech N9ne and Andre 3000. I smell a few horrible dubstep remixes of this coming…

Lil Wayne - Interlude (Feat. Tech N9ne & Andre 3000)



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