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Lungile Masitha “Vuyani” (1985, Transistor)

Musician/vocalist-turned-producer, Sello ‘Chicco’ Twala was once a member of South African bands Umoja and Harari.

Lungile Masitha, an alias of Twala’s created due to contractual constraints, sees the Soweto artist in partnership with Jimmy Mgwandi (writing credit for Satari’s ‘Smile’). The two would continue their work together on many projects; this one, rare and highly sought-after, gets re-issue via Aussie label, Left Ear. Two optimistic, vocal-forward, synth-boogie cuts ripe for a dance floor ‘moment’.

Release Info

Lungile Masitha was the short-lived studio name for renowned SA artist Sello ‘Chicco’ Twala, who played with such iconic bands as Harari and Umoja.

However, in the mid 80’s his name was under license to one of the major labels and in an effort for self-expression recorded under the name ‘Lungile Masitha’, here he linked up with long term friend Jimmy Mngwandi to co-write and arrange the two tracks ‘Vuyani’ & ‘Makoti’, both sung in his native Tsongan tongue.

Vuyani is an upbeat tune that matches Chicco’s unique vocal style with percolating drums and distorted choruses to incredible effect, while Makoti is a mellower blend of floating keys and choruses sung by local kids in an effort to expose “emerging talent”.


Left Ear Records is an independent music label based in Melbourne. The label was established by two Melbourne music enthusiasts, Chris and Anthony, who have a passion for unearthing both new and old music. Left Ear Records have a penchant for music that is somewhat left of center. Their aim is to broaden the audience that this music reaches by creating top quality releases.

Left Ear Records are currently working on a number of projects with music that cross over a number of genres including funk, jazz, reggae, blues, synth and disco. Left Ear Records pride themselves on collaborating with original artists to produce releases that are of high quality and artistic integrity.

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