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Future Classic: Machinedrum “Human Energy”


Machinedrum’s “Human Energy” makes me feel as if I am charging my soul via USB port, and it feels incredible.

I really like how nowadays there is such thing as an “Internet Aesthetic”. With the emergence of tumblr, instagram, and a million other social media outlets, the internet has now woven its way into real life and vice versa, allowing people to look, act, dress, and sound like “the internet”.

Being from this generation, I was pretty jazzed on the concept when it first started appearing but – adhering to the immediacy of internet culture – it quickly became overdone, almost becoming of a parody of itself. Things became reblogged into oblivion, even “internet-style music” became too much – everybody was using the same sounds and rhythms only because everybody else was doing the same thing.

With “Human Energy” it feels like Machinedrum floated overtop of the whole “internet phenomenon”, dove down to snatch the best parts, flew back up to his castle in the sky and crafted a super-charged lightning bolt to zap a breath of life back into the increasingly (dis)connected culture.

Every time I listen to “Human Energy” I literally feel charged. Every song is so unbelievably energetic, every little piece is so well placed, there isn’t a second where I feel a lull or a boring repetition. When the album ends, I simply have to restart it from the beginning to maintain that same incredibly natural feeling of Human Energy.

You can listen to and purchase the album via Ninja Tune below.

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Mike Jones

Mike Jones

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