Bongiovanni “Games” ft. Tom Lemann (Maison Giuseppe)

Beats Soul

The Munich based Maison Giuseppe label has just re-released a couple of jewels from two young artists who are Montreal ex-pats: Bongiovanni & Tom Lemann.

“Games” originally came out in 2013 but has re-surfaced the past couple of weeks. I’m a huge fan of the incredible soulful voice of Tom Lemann, which we had the chance of hearing on the track “Haiku”, produce by NHKFF.

The Bongiovanni name is no secret for the people of the Montreal electronic scene. The MTL ex-pat and Booty Bakery trio member is now performing under the name “Rosewater CTZ” and getting some major attention.

This musical piece can only make us proud of these artists from our hometown who now live on another continent.

The track is included in the most recent edition of the Fresh Taste mix (check it out!)

Aie Chat

Aie Chat

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