Forgotten Treasures

Forgotten Treasure : Starfire “Make the Most of It” (1978)


Record recommendations are the foundation of growing and learning through vinyl collecting. And when recommendations come from a renowned source they are even more essential. Case and point the Starfire LP was brought to my attention by Dj Day through his MIMS interview I was intrigued, but when he explained he had purchased it based off the People Under the Stairs FlexOff sample, I was sold.

Make the Most of It is the standout track because of the gorgeous instrumental break sprinkled throughout a standard Modern Soul arrangement. There is something special about the tightness of the band when they squeeze out a luscious melodic passage from the few seconds between the vocals.

Producer/MC ThesOne certainly made the most out of the sample allowing the listener to vibe-out on the wave as well as flipping a very interesting extrapolation for the intro. The PUTS LP is also highly recommended for its original sampling tied to the tried and tested boombap hip-hop aesthetic.

I had the pleasure of taking Day out for a quick tour of Montreal record spots and we were trading recommendations back and forth; shining some light on records we mutually took for granted. That is truly the time where the whole record game comes full circle and where old forgotten gems may be flipped back to life.

Enjoy these songs and tell a friend because sharing music is the gift that keeps on giving.

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DJ Asma

DJ Asma

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