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MIMS Guest Mix: Abby Lee Tee (Austria, Shash Rec)

Electronic Ambient Beats

Abby Lee Tee is a veteran producer & DJ from Linz, Austria.

He is another talent from the Austrian Beats Scene which is considered to be paralleled with LA. Austria reps very well with Dorian Concept, The Clonious, Cid Rim, Sixtus Preiss, Sam IRL and many more.

We are big fans of Abby Lee Tee’s production but when we asked him for a guest mix we had no idea what to expect. Boy did he deliver! A jam packed 30 track excursion that twists and turns through a very eclectic journey – electronic, abstract yet still very soulful.


1.Hafen Karlsruhe by Rhein_Strom
2.Virtually Part 3 by Soft Machine
3.Pauline Oliveros by Quiet Music Ensemble
4.The Wind Speaks by Ras_G
5.Ann River, mn (manic cover) by Dorian Concept
6.Wednesday by Other Worlds
7.Swoop by Hirsch & Eigner
8.Sensi Block by Al Dobson Jr.
9.Breaks of Meditate pt. 1 by The Beat Conductor
10.Veggie Wondem Combo (Ras_G Afrikan Space Program Remix) by Dexter Story
11.Inner City Break by Al Dobson Jr.
12.Lalibela (Wondem Alternate Dub Remix by Dexter and Carlos) by Dexter Story
13.Nina’s Charm b yRomare
14.Nothing Is Ever Done (Leeux Remix) by Abby Lee Tee
15.Uttu by Ruutu Poiss
16.It’s Love (Roman Rauch Dub) by Jill Scott
17.I Want You (Vocal Version) by Marvin Gaye
18.Old Hearts by Daedelus
19.Just Like Music by Erick Sermon
20.Threes by Jay Haze
21.Blumen by Dim Grimm
22.Walked This Road by Motsa
23.Dead Panda by Mieux
24.Draft Culture (Nathan Fake Remix) by Dorian Concept
25.Commercial Mouth by Jar Moff
26.Moonship Journey by Sun Ra
27.Wondem Collage by Dexter Story
28.Keppler (Edit) by Cover
29.View by Klara Lewis
30.Fall by Walter Carlos


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