Guest Mixes

MIMS Guest Mix: HENRIK LINDSTRAND (Sweden, OLI Records)

A few words from Henrik Lindstrand about this wonderful mix. Also highly recommended listening once you’re done with the mix is Henrik’s newest album titled “Nordhem“. (More info at the bottom of this page)

“The theme has been inspirational and great music and it is quite eclectic. I’ve allowed myself to blend styles and expressions. There are several Swedish artists in the mix – which I thought was a fun side-theme as well. It starts with a few instrumental tracks moving into a couple of vocal songs and then ending with two longer ambient tracks before my own Hallonlandet as ending piece. I also put Blå Berget as an introduction piece.”


Blå Berget- Henrik Lindstrand
Alma- Jonny Greenwood
Vanity- Mica Levi
Visa från Rättvik – Jan Johansson
Innocent – Fläskkvartetten
I´m Staring Out The World – Stina Nordenstam
For show – Rebecka Törnqvist
Poses – Rufus Wainwright
Under Sjukhusen – Jonathan Johansson
Ignorant Boy, Beautiful Girl (Namanama) – Loney Dear
Aralkum – Galya Bisengalieva
Only Once Away My Son – Brian Eno/Kevin Shields
Hallonlandet – Henrik Lindstrand

Info on newest album “Nordhem”

New album ‘Nordhem’ represents the finale in a trilogy of poetic, deeply personal melodically woven soundscapes comprising of the two critically acclaimed albums ‘Leken’ (2017) and ‘Nattresan’ (2019). At once both epic and emotive, much of ‘Nordhem’ ties into themes of family and nostalgia and draws inspiration from hugely diverse experiences of a life fully lived as well as poetic literature, such as ‘Blå Berget’ taken from Mina Drömmars Stad (City of my Dreams) by Swedish writer Per Anders Fogelström.



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