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MIMS Guest Mix: LADIES ON RECORDS (Turkish Ladies Special)

Listen to “Turkish Ladies for Music Is My Sanctuary” exclusive vinyl-only mixtape from Kornelia Binicewicz – Ladies on Records.

Turkish Ladies – a term coined to title the compilation “Turkish Ladies. Female Singers from Turkey 1974 – 1988” released on Epic Istanbul/ Sony Music Turkey in 2018, marked the path of describing the music of female singers from Turkey. Their voices represent the realm of Anatolian music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s with its rich diversity of styles and emotional moods. The female singers selected for the mixtape represent Anatolian rock, Arabesk, Türkü, folk, and pop wıth psychedelic flavors. Two instrumental Anatolian tracks refine the whole selection.

The women featured in the compilations and mixes created by Ladies on Records, are not only recognized and well-known artists but very often lost in oblivion, uncut jewels of local music scenes. As a record collector and anthropologist, Kornelia explores the musical and cultural contexts of female artistic creativity, looking at the culture from a stranger’s perspective. For Kornelia, female artists and their music mirror unspoken or hidden cultural patterns. The carefully selected songs from the old archives of music are one of the ways of telling stories of womanhood.


  1. Esmeray – Büyümsün
  2. Barış Manço – Anadolu (instrumental)
  3. Tülay – İkimiz bir fidaniz
  4. Yasemin Kumral –Sabret bacım
  5. Tülay – Dünyalara Değişmem
  6. Filiz ve Grup Gelenek – Kalbime yazdım seni
  7. Nazan Şoray – Hatuney
  8. Esmeray – Yollar
  9. Yüksel Özkasap – Zindan Oldu Sensiz
  10. Semiramis – Çöpçatan
  11. Handan Kara – Aşkım ver gururum
  12. Kamuran Akkor – Bilemem bilemem
  13. Aylin urgal – Paran pulun senin olsun
  14. Melike Demirağ – Hadi canım sen de
  15. Nalan Koray – Sarım sarım sarılsak
  16. Neşe Karaböcek – Yalı yalı
  17. Kamuran Akkor – Falcı
  18. Taşkın Sabah ve Arkadaşları – Disco havası (instrumental)
  19. Azize Gencebay – Damarımda Kanımsın
  20. Neşe Alkan – Anam Ağlarken

Kornelia Binicewicz is a Polish origin anthropologist, record collector, curator of music compilations, owner of Ladies on Records, DJane, and explorer of female music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s from all around the world. Her passion for female music brought her to Turkey, where she deeply explored the undiscovered world of the Turkish female music scene. Throughout five years of digging in records and meeting divas and forgot or unrecognized female singers, she also managed to dive in the back catalogs of old Turkish labels. She curated “Turkish Ladies. Female Singers from Turkey 1973 – 1988” (Epic Istanbul) compilation and “Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu” compilation (Uzelli), both released on vinyl. She lives on the island near Istanbul and travels all around the world in search of mesmerizing female music. 



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